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Nothing Is Safe: How Foals Soundtrack The Absurdity Of Modern Life

On their fifth full-length the acclaimed Oxford-based rock band starts a new chapter in their successful career. More than ever this chapter is directly inspired by the world they live in but despite all the fascination for doom and gloom there's also a hopeful note about it. Time for a talk with band leader Yannis Philippakis about the whole misery.
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‘May You Always Be Loved’: A Mote Of Dust’s Craig Beaton On Quitting Music

Craig Beaton, legendary figure of the Scottish indie music scene and his musical partner Graeme Smillie announced a final musical statement as A Mote Of Dust before the man quite possibly stops music alltogether. We owed it to him, that in this (possibly) last interview he got all the room he needed to explain himself. It became quite an extensive one: Honest to the bone, furious, warm and smart. Just like Craig Beaton's music...
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