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12 Great Underappreciated Albums Of 2021 You Might Have Missed

Of course, we did our best to follow the release schedules of every week but even for music nerds like us the pandemic-fuelled overload of releases can be quite overwhelming these times and some records slip through your fingers or are simply discovered months after their initial release. In this feature the staff of NBHAP takes a closer look at some of these great little treasures that deserve more attention, including albums by Anna Leone, Crumb, L'impératrice, Grandmas House, Makthaverskan and more.
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‘Beat The Devil’s Tattoo’ Turns 10: Reflecting On Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Rock’n’Roll Masterpiece

The world would be a much duller place without rock’n’roll music in it. In fact, without Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in it. A powerful, raw guitar sound that shakes you thoroughly and resonates a feeling of uproar and , if needed, a certain will to strive against the stream will always remain valid. The boldness and drive that come along with rock music in its purest form have never disappeared, despite the genre being declared dead multiple times over the past decades.
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