Who is it?

The alter ego of German singer/songwriter Rudi Maier. His BURKINI BEACH project has been running on a pretty low key level for quite some time and given the quality of his releases so far (and the fact that he already toured with WARPAINT and CIGARETTES AFTER SEX) we’re seriously questioning why.

Why should you listen to it?

His latest single The World At Our Fingertips is gentle and heavily old-fashioned melancholia in the finest tradition of independent songwriters like SUFJAN STEVENS and ELLIOTT SMITH. Maier transports an undeniable honesty and timelessness with this song which could have been released in that form anytime in the past 30 years. The fact that it still works is just a testament of its flawless emotional potential. Come on, we can all relate to lyrics like ‘How fast summers are over and winters come/ and all your good plans stay undone.’ Sometimes it’s important to remember that hip trends and contemporary sounds aren’t the essential element a good song needs.

What next?

A full-length BURKINI BEACH album has been recorded as the artist states and hopefully it follows the great example of The World At Our Fingertips.

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