Photo: Kjetil Tangen

Who is it?

Norway’s CLOSING EYES started off as the pet project of Eirik Asker Pettersen, who put out the fantastically titled EP Melodies for the Contemporary Mind in 2014. The line-up has since expanded to a full band with addition of Magnus Asker Pettersen, Emilie Lium Vordal, Christoffer Gaarder and Anders Emil Rønning. They’ve got a debut album on the way, produced by Emil Nikolaisen, and Nikolaisen joins them as a guest on new single Bambole.

Why should you listen to it?

Bambole is the Italian for Dolls, and this track locates the band’s sound somewhere far more Mediterranean than Norway. There’s a kind of Riviera funk vibe about the song, which grows into a breezy, irresistibly infectious glam-disco. Asker Pettersen says:

‘It’s a very spontaneous song, which was completely turned upside down when we were in the studio. Emil added the funk. And Emilie has her little Italian rant in there, which is reasonably hefty. They came with the sort of whimsical ideas that I’d never thought of, and in retrospect I think it was very wise not to have the song finished before we went into the studio.’

Bambole is the perfect song for you to listen to next time you’re cruising on a Vespa down the Italian coastline, or at any other time and place too. It’ll sound great either way.

What’s next?

Bambole is out now on Eget Selskap, and CLOSING EYES‘ new album is called Soft Years and is due out later this year.

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