Photo by Jonathan Pilkington

Who is it?

An all female bass-driven duo, founded in 2015 by SAVAGES’ Ayşe Hassan and Kendra Frost of post-punk band BLINDNESS. Of course, their music is driven by a dark industrial vibe with sinister post-punk flavor and if you know us, you know that that’s the sort of sound we always fall for.

Why should you listen to it?

Remember when NEW ORDER‘s Peter Hook and Andy Rourke of THE SMITHS formed an all-base band a few years back and terribly failed? Well, these two women got everything perfectly mapped out to avoid that. Transition is finest lo-fi post-punk material, driven by industrial urgency while also keeping it a bit sensual. KITE BASE is one of those side-projects that definitely deserves a bit more attention.

What’s next?

Mrs. Hassan and Mrs. Frost will release a full-length debut LP called Latent Whispers this May. They are also heading on a big European tour so take a closer look on the dates right here.

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