Who is it?

PAVLOV is the project of multi-instrumentalist producer/composer Matteo Pavesi. You might have heard that name before when we reported about talented Berlin-based singer/songwriter ALICE PHOEBE LOU. For a few years now, Mr. Pavesi is the musical companion of his friend, the electronic backbone of her live shows and an essential help in the studio. But, of course, he’s got a musical life on his own.

Why should you listen to it?

Ravel is the name of PAVLOV‘s freshly released debut EP which provides seven delicate tunes that manage to walk the tightrope between electronic bliss and organic-sounding songwriting. It’s a tasteful mix of field recordings and ambient instrumentals which Pavesi recorded by himself. The mesmerizing We Lost Another Sundown is a perfect example of that floating atmosphere. And after already having it as part of our Daydreaming Playlist for a while now we’d like to give it a bit more attention right here. Same goes for the supporting little film Pavesi and friends have created for the Ravel EP which is also a highly recommendable piece of audiovisual delicacy.

What’s next?

For those of you who happen to be in Berlin this Tuesday. Pavesi and his friends are celebrating a record release show at Privatclub on March 7 and we’re pretty sure this is a nice event to attent if you happen to be a fan of eclectic musical landscapes. Find all information right here.

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