Photo by Lauren Crew

Photo by Lauren Crew

Californian dreampop band TYCHO are the latest group to surprise release a record. The trio around mastermind Scott Hansen just made their fourth studio album Epoch available via digital services. The record follows 2014’s Awake and also marks the tenth anniversary of the group’s debut as Hansen points out in a Facebook post:

I’m very pleased to announce the release of the fourth full length Tycho album, Epoch. 10 years ago next month the first Tycho record, Past is Prologue, was released and it’s been an incredible journey. There’s nothing I could possibly say to fully express my deep gratitude to all of you for making this past decade possible. I truly hope you enjoy this music and make it your own.

We finished the album less than a month ago and decided to forego the typical release schedule and just put the record out as soon as possible. We’re all very excited for you to be able to hear it so soon after it was completed.


In a press statement he furthermore explains the reason for releasing Epoch as quickly as possible: ‘I’ve never been fond of handing in an album then waiting 4 months for it to be released. I wanted to be more connected to the people consuming the music. There is a kind of visceral fulfillment you get from sharing something that you’ve just created with other people. That’s a very satisfying feeling as an artist.’

You can also relive NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION‘s 2014 interview with Hansen right here. And now feel happily invited to purchase the next step in the TYCHO evolution right here and stream the entire record below.