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Röyksopp with new song ‘Sordid Affair’ feat. Man Without Country

The series of teasers for the duo's final album just won't stop.
NBHAP News Team October 13, 2014

Röyksopp 2014 620x413 Röyksopp with new song Sordid Affair feat. Man Without CountryMore material by Norwegian electropop duo RÖYKSOPP and their forthcoming final studio album The Inevitable End.Just a few days after sharing the atmospheric piece You Know I Have To Go Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland deliver another teaser in form of Sordid Affair.

The track is a collaboration with Ryan James, singer of beloved British synthpop duo MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY. A combination that works unsurprisingly well together, we must say. The final RÖYKSOPP album will be released on November the 10th. You can enjoy Sordid Affair already today right here.


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