Hello, anyone still there? It’s the summer season and that usually means: a lot of hanging around at parks, beaches, music festivals, vacation and a natural avoidance of online activities besides your Instagram feed, right? Usually we encourage that spirit so I’m keeping this one short. We got a new playlist that is about to become your perfect companion for the upcoming summer weeks! Well, technically it’s not entirely new since our Smooth Summer Days playlist has been one of your favourite ones for the past years. But we recently relaunched it with the help of dream electronica producer Shallou and now expand the entire thing.

70 songs, over five hours of smooth electronic sounds await you. While our also still very enjoyable Sunny Indie Vibes playlist is more based on sweet lo-fi indie rock sounds this new one takes a more diverse approach. You’ll find a lot of electronica, downbeat, ambient, dream pop, tropical neo 80s sounds, smooth R&B and even jazz-infected chillout vibes in this one. Original productions by Tycho, Gorillaz, DJ Koze, Jon Hopkins and Bonobo are carefully placed besides reworks from Roosevelt, CFCF, Röyksopp, Zero7, Chad Valley and a lotmore. These tunes might come from different places but they are all combined by their sunny notion, a relaxing vibe and this slightly psychedelic character. Well, it’s a perfect summer playlist for those who’d like to look beyond those standardized ‘in your face’ summer hits. Have a great time, hug your loved ones as much as your