Sometimes it’s kind of hard to remember a time when the whole ‘indie’ label wasn’t just randomly put on pretty much anything you’d like to give a certan ‘edgy’ and interesting note. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe what music promoters label as ‘indie’ these days … The word became a shell and mostly lost its original narrow meaning a while ago. Still, the original vibe is pretty much alive in the big world of music these days if you look beyond the obvious mainstream picks: Gentle independent music, bedroom productions with lo-fi charm, fuzzy guitars, a lush love for imperfection and misfit-driven melancholia. And that’s pretty much what this new playlist of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is all about.

The goal we were aiming with this one was to create almost five houres of sun-drenched independent music vibes. We compiled eighty summerly songs to carry you through hot days while you are chilling at the beach, lake, park etc., hang around at the promenade, have a cold drink with your friends while waiting for the warm summer night to finally start. As you can see, this selection is a slightly romanticized affair, a glorified ode to youthfulness and everyday escapism – and that’s what might make these sunny indie vibes so effective, right? Next to beloved artists like Courtney Barnett, Real Estate, Mac DeMarco, The War On Drugs and Vampire Weekend we made sure to keep the balance truly ‘indie’ by including talented but yet quite unknown newcomers like PYNKIE, Selmer, Girl In Red and Strand Child. Despite coming from different parts of the world and from different sections of the whole ‘indie music’ scale they all share a common summerly feeling, one that calls for love and empathy in these troubled times.

As with all of our carefully curated Spotify playlists we honestly hope you’ll enjoy the story this one is telling. Have a great and crazy summer with your loved ones, don’t fall for the madness and keep sharing all the love and music that’s coming your way. Peace out!