Folks, this is not a drill. Climate change is real and if you don’t believe us: We’re approaching 40 degrees in Berlin right now as I’m writing these lines and by now this is the rule rather than the exception. So, apart from the political aspect you should seriously consider by now (you know, like joining the Extinction Rebellion folks, for example) the one practical thing you can and should do is to cool down, take cover and drink a lot, of course. Well, and as always find the right music to accompany you. And when it comes to this part you know that you can count on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, right? So, just in time we updated our Smooth Summer Days Playlist on Spotify for the new season, adding fresh material right next to rearranged old favourites. Just like this laidback Khruangbin piece, for example.

While our also still quite vital Sunny Indie Vibes Playlist is more for melodic melancholia, this one delivers the more exotic and relaxing tunes. There’s plenty of gentle electronica from artists like DJ Koze, Robag Wruhme, Air and Tycho in here, tropical vibes, dub remixes, downbeat vibes but also slightly surprising songs which includes classics by Chet Baker or forgotten Yacht pop gems from the 1970s. It’s an adventurous playlist for discoverers, celebrating the unusual while completely following the smooth character of the playlist. May this summer days playlist support your forthcoming pool party, park hangouts, holidays in the beach or cosy nights with your loved ones. Stay cool, kids. Literally.