A couple of months ago, we brought you news of MIRÈLEone of the most exciting new artists on the Russian scene. The solo project of Russian-born, Israel-based musician and artist Eva Gurari (previously part of the enormously popular duo Мы along with Daniel Shake – Shake has continued with the project after her departure), she’s just released her new album Renaissance, the follow-up to last year’s debut Люболь. Both albums are strong explorations of different aspects of Gurari’s sound – Люболь is more airy and ethereal, summed up by dreamy closer Звездопад, whereas Renaissance sees her move towards a darker, more direct sound mixed with sharper pop music. We decided it was time to catch up with her to learn more.

Were you always interested in music growing up? 

Since my childhood, I have been interested in art in all its manifestations. Drawing, photography, videography, handmade. But now I’m focused wholly on music. And makeup art sometimes.

What were your first experiences of getting involved in music yourself and making music?

I was in a group [Мы], there I didn’t get a lot of experience of making music by itself [of producing]. I was mostly singing and creating some melodies.  So when I started my solo career, I understood what it [making music] is really. And this process didn’t scare me, and I became involved more and more in it. I think nothing will stop me from creating my piece of art.

What kind of music and culture (art, films, etc) had an influence on you growing up, and what ones inspire you today?

I couldn’t choose what music to listen and what films to watch when I was a child. Also I can’t say who had an influence on me. But I probably can tell you the names of the musicians I love: Homeshake, Connan Mockasin, Cuco, Angèle. Also, I adore the greatest filmmaker, Andrey Tarkovskiy.


Photo: Nastassia Kit

What would you say your philosophy as an artist is?

First of all, my goal is to connect with people as closely as I can, to show them my sincerity, to show them love, to speak straight. This is my philosophy. To open up to the good side of this world.

What are the kinds of things that inspire your lyrics?

Oh, definitely this thing is love. For a person, a nature, an art. Feelings.

You were in the band Мы between around 2016 and 2018. How did that band start, and how was it as a career experience for you?

We met each other on a social network. Matched in everything from the first second. This experience gave me a lot, both good and bad things. But anyway, I’m grateful for every moment of this period.

Your solo career officially started, as far as I can tell, when you put songs like Plachut Zvezdy and Dreamboy out on Soundcloud around a year ago. Why did you feel it was the right moment to launch your solo career properly?

Oh, I don’t think I can call it the official start of my career. Just trying to do something by myself, you know. It was the first steps, I think. First bells.

As well as making music, you also direct and do camera for videos (for example recently the video for КЕРИЛ’s song Самолеты, which you also guested on, and your own song Если бы Любовь), have your Instagram blog and other projects. Are you the kind of person who wants to be creative in multiple different fields?

Yuuuuuuup. That’s me.

You’re from Russia but based in Tel Aviv. Is it tough to run your career between the two countries?

Yeah, that’s hard. But it’s because I’m still studying at school. Soon I will graduate, so then I can move to Moscow for a time, to gain a foothold in the Russian music industry and stand on my own feet more confidently.


Photo: Nastassia Kit

Listening to Renaissance, it seems to me to be more poppy and uptempo than your last record Люболь, which was more airy and dreamy. What would you say are the main differences between the albums?

The first album Люболь was a draft, for my feelings. After the end of my involvement in МЫ, I was really upset. I didn’t even want to release this album, because I thought everyone hated me and it will be a shame to show it to the world. But my close friends, almost made me do it. The main difference between them, is perseverance in communicating my feelings to the fullest extent in Renaissance. Anyway, every song shows my feelings in moment I wrote it. I think I’m on my way to become stronger

What is the significance of the title of the new album, Renaissance? Does it feel like a rebirth for you as an artist?

Not only as an artist, more as a person. This album was like mantra for me. Like “I will get past this. Nothing wrong with me. It will pass. I am good. Everyone is good. Everything is great”.  This is a cry for help in the form of a lullaby

What are your creative ambitions for the future?

Improve, try something new! Don’t forget to love, care and to be honest with yourself.

What would you say are some of the main trends on the Russian indie scene at the moment? And what other artists should we look out for?

If you want to explore the Russian indie scene, you need to know at least about Луна, Мальбэк & Сюзанна, Manizha, МС Сенечка, Lurmish, Сабрина.


Photo: Nastassia Kit

Renaissance is out now. All photos by Nastassia Kit (Instagram: @nastyawhale)