Russian artist MIRÈLE doesn’t waste time. 2019 saw her release two albums and an EP, and just a couple of months later she’s back with more new music. Кто же Ты is her first song of the new decade, and it takes her style in another direction from the sharp, slick pop she’s explored on her last couple of albums. Instead, Кто же Ты is all about space, an airy, dreamy piece of music that floats by, like a feather cloud on a perfect-blue sky. Listen to the song and check out a Q’n’A with MIRÈLE about it below.

You released two albums in 2019, and now you’re already back with new music. You must be working pretty fast these days?
Yes, I have started to work on my music all by myself and it goes way faster, than working with somebody. I hope I’ll stay on this tune and soon people will enjoy my new album, that I’m making right now. 

Tell us about the song Кто же Ты. You directed the video for this song yourself. Tell us about the video and how it was made.
That’s the first song I’ve made by myself, include mixing and mastering. Of course it’s not perfect, but it’s only the start. In the new video clip I wanted to show the phenomenon of inspiration, muse, that comes to me like in a dream and can easily disappear. One day I called my friends Polina and Vlad, asked for a help making a video clip with me, and in one and a half hours we was already in the car on the way to sand dunes beyond Moscow. The concept of this video I created while listening to my song in the car. It was funny and spontaneously as always.

The video features a voiceover of the poem First Meetings by Arseny Tarkovsky. Is that poem something important for you, and did it seem connected with the song?
Yup, I really adore Tarkovsky’s family art, movies and poems, it’s inspiring me. So if this video about inspiration, I decided to take those lyrics to make this video more meaningful to me. Also I used some part of this poem in my song Комета from my first album Люболь. Maybe you can read it as a connection between two works, and they are all about my wish for freedom in my music. 

Finally, what should we expect next from MIRÈLE?
Oh, that’s a hard question. But I can say for sure that my new album will be way more MINE, than previous. There will be a new chapter of my life. You’ll hear it yourself. 

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