With the new singles A Little More and Shine Off towards the end of last year, UK singer-songwriter Amy Milner was once again giving proof of the powerful inventiveness that lingers inside her. Plans, her most recent release, now wholly embraces that potential and is the lead single to her first full EP since 2017’s Light Of Day. Along with producer and long-term collaborator Tim Larcombe (Lana del Rey, Halsey), the British musician is taking her craft to the next level here.

“It’s easy to get stuck in our ways and end up dragging our heels, ticking boxes and not giving much thought to the things that truly make us happy. ‘Plans’ is an expression of reassessment and hope upon meeting someone who puts the heart back into living, opens your eyes to things you didn’t realize mattered so much. The song brings together two people who are largely opposite in character, making the pull of each to the other quite unexpected”

Amy Milner‘s energetic voice is key to Plans and graciously soars across ambient picking of electric guitars and the sonically powerful production of the tune. As if destined to head for her own limits of control, the songwriter takes the sombre mood of the initial sequences to a level of passionate intensity. Her vocals seemingly fly over the atmospheric sound construction, always pushing forward, only now and then retreating to more tranquil interludes. The rich instrumentation follows her charismatic lead with increasing complexity and elevate the atmospheric ambiance of the verses to multi-layered soundscapes in the song’s chorus. Yet, Milner’s bold vocal performance remains at the core throughout, ultimately carrying the tune into its initial sentimental ambiance. We wholeheartedly recommend that you do not to miss out on this one.

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