Can’t you tell I have been working on myself“ Brimheim almost shouts on the hook of her latest single. This Weeks Laundry is an observation and an attempt of coping with the constant vulnerability and angst the youth of the 21st century is faced with. The artist from Denmark embodies these fears, and tackles them through music. Dark emotional pop anthems reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers and Björk provide a mirror for issues that the singer is surely not alone with.

This Weeks Laundry is part of Brimheim’s debut record can’t hate myself into a different shape released last week. Alternative pop with grunge and electronic elements, the record is the work of a true millennial. On it the singer explores different aspects of an ever-present existential crisis and does not shy away from topics that are still only talked about with unease like social anxiety and self-hatred. Within the music, the artist finds empowerment through peeling back the layers of her inner chaos. The gloomy yet soft soundscapes allow utter vulnerability but gain their strength from exactly those moments.

“The song is an inner monologue about keeping up appearances. Attempts at adjusting very mundane things in life to feel in control. The collection of specific actions in the song – like buying frozen beans, sorting laundry, and skipping lunch – are all somewhat failed approximations of normalcy and balance. In reality, they just thinly veil existential loneliness and insecurity. It’s someone trying to convince themself and everyone around them that they’re fine, when they are actually barely keeping it together. It’s like they’re live-action role-playing as a responsible adult. The lyrics list all these things to point out their banal absurdity as well as their relatability.”

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