The fact that Kindsight members Hyldgaard Rasmussen and Søren Svensson bonded over a shared love of Icelandic new wave icons The Sugarcubes is a nice thing to know when you listen to the latest single fo the Danish lo-fi indie rockers. In the verses of Hi Life Rasmussen does indeed channel early Björk a bit but apart from that the band takes a way rougher approach in their music. Kindsight take the raw notion of 80s and 90s alternative rock and add that special Scandinavian pop flavour on top of it, resulting in a melodic yet very powerful sound that also dominates their debut album Swedish Punk.

And yes, they are aware of the title’s irony considering the fact that they are actually from Denmark. Singer Rasmussen explains: “Swedish Punk’ was an off the cuff term our producer, Adam, came up with when we needed a working title for a new song we wrote during the recording sessions. Our bass player, Anders, then wrote some lyrics based on the working title and we ended up liking the whole ‘Swedish Punk’-thing so much it became the name of the album”.

The full record drops on March 25 via Rama Lama Records and Hi Life is a great way of teasing it. The song tells the story of being trapped in an apartment for months on end, watching life unfold through the windows of the block opposite. In it, Rasmussen’s vocal is the shining counterpart to the mighty sound of her band and that’s just the vibe we all need right now. Keep Kindsight on your radar, fellow indie rock kids.

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