Thursday sees us head back to Norway and the mountainous, rainy but pretty city of Bergen for Vill Vill Vest festival, one of the country’s primary showcase festivals. After making the trip north last year, we’ll be there again checking out shows and chatting with some of Norway’s best up-and-coming bands. You can expect that next week (and keep an eye on our Instagram from Thursday), but ahead of that it’s time to prepare for the trip and figure out which artists we want to see. And to help us out on that front, we’ve recruited Ragnhild Jamtveit from our pals at Heartbreak Satellite, whose debut album we previewed last month, and who’ll also be playing at Vill Vill Vest. Here are their tips for VVV 2018


They make songs that are really beautiful and play them really beautifully


Photo: Isak Jenssen

Energetic and fun rock band, really fun to watch.



Shifty pop/rock, great musicians, great songs.


Photo: Jan Tore Eriksen

One of the coolest jazz musicians in Norway, a magician.


Photo: Håkon Brunborg Kjenstad

Our own Tobias is the coolest and makes wild music and performances.

Vill Vill Vest, Bergen, Sep 13-14