Correct us if we’re wrong but we really can’t recall having featured an artist from Bangladesh on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION in the past. So, that’s a debut in every way but young artist Dameer feels like a appropriate choice to lead this Monday’s update of our Listen AHEAD Playlist. Throughout his life the young gentleman has been surrounded by music. His father was an established drummer and singer in Bangladesh while his brother was frontman of one of the oldest rock bands to ever emerge from the country. It’s no big surprise that Dameer picked this career path that will lead him out of his home town Dhaka into the whole wild word. And he’s got noble goal as well as he confirms:

“I want to give some comfort to people with my music, to reduce some of their nihilistic depression. Hopefully I can succeed in doing this, and I can also do more work in other areas like film, photography, painting etc to reduce both the world’s and my own existential discomfort as of now.”

Easier, his freshly released single, is indeed one that give the listener comfort. It’s a laidback piece of dreamy lo-fi pop, carried by a psychedelic warmth and a perfect blend between East and West. And we don’t know about you but this laidback summer tune is just the right piece of music to make the beginning of this week less frightening right? It’s out now on Majestic Casual and you can enjoy the clip right here.

Every Monday we’re updating the 50-track-strong Listen AHEAD Playlist on Spotify, adding ten strong songs by sill relatively unknown artists at the beginning. This week’s addition also sees new songs by The Murder Capital, Esther, Close Talker, Xul Zolar, Griff and a few more. Follow the playlist right here on Spotify and give them a spin.