The New Yorker singer Candace Camacho, aka Duendita, releases her first single of the year and reinterprets contemporary jazz with Open Eyes. The single slowly grows from a minimal piano ballad to an ocean of arrangements all coming together even in their experimental unlikeliness. The artist layers her vocals, distorting them, exploring the margins of her vocal cords in resonating depths and soaring highs, and fades out on an electronic note in glitchy distortion.

Open Eyes moves between tradition and future with ease. At some moments reminding of retro jazz and soul, at others completely breaking all ties to tradition. It is the loose form of composition that makes it such an interesting listen. What starts as a stripped back song, grows into a small universe filling the entire space of the track, from electronic elements to the off kilter beat and the warm ring of the melodic keys. Duendita creates something new and unique in a world in which we have seemingly already heard everything. She calls the song, “a reflection on faith, trust and ancestral wisdom, a vow to always listen to my body.”

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