The whole world is in constant flux and so is this duo. Danish producer Joel Krozer and Copenhagen-based Canadian Brian Della Valle are Fluqx and their music is one that likes to keep itself in motion, creating cinematic and ambitious soundscapes that are also quite intimate in the end. We really enjoyed 2018’s debut album by Della Valle aka Of The Valley and first tracks by the duo like Vanishing Point continued that excitement although those two projects don’t have much in common except for the shared protagonist. Feather is the latest teaser from the Fluqx debut and it became another joyful listening experience for all lovers of complex and soulful electronic music

Our idea with ‘Feather’ was to create a weightless universe where all the synths feel organic and effortless. We often work with images as opposed to musical references throughout the production process and for ‘Feather’ the slow motion video close ups of Bill Viola’s floating bodies was a key influence.” (Joel Krozer)

And yeah, somehow this really feels a bit like a feather floating through the air. Like I said earlier – everything appears to be in motion so that sums it up pretty well. Ironically, the duo’s debut album is called Monolith which is pretty much the opposite of ‘being in motion’ but we assume there’s more fascinating greatness waiting on it for you. It arrives on March 6 via hfn music.

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