Right in the middle between delicate nostalgia pop and futuristic transcendence Danish artist Greta Schenk aka GRETA is currently shaping her own niche with her delicate sci-fi pop. And Vibrant really is one of those tracks that will stuck in your ear all day. Produced with the help of beloved artist and Ultraflex member Farao the song unravels a funky 80s retro bassline and a tender sensual vocal performance. But even without that rhythmic backbone the song is a wonderful pop gem which you will notice once you give that exclusive reduced performance a spin which GRETA recorded for us (it’s further down in this article). It’s also a fitting anthem for the lockdown era as the singer explains:

Vibrant’ is about two people who love each other and spend the lockdown together. It is about the feeling of reality becoming a blur, about losing a sense of time, becoming restless and longing for something more. Something more from each other but from life too. The song captures the frustration that you feel because the world is no longer the same and you’re constantly longing for something new. The song contains a lot of love and connectedness and at the same time is about sharing a common longing to go out and dance, for some sort of escape. I hope the listener will feel both the euphoria and the longing in the song, and that it will make them want to dance and dream. It can hopefully work as a brief form of escapism.”

And yes, it’s a wonderful moment of escapism. There’s even a brief German segment towards the end which makes sense as Schenk grew up in Northern Germany close to the border. GRETA already released a debut album last year called Ardent Spring and Vibrant is a lovely first sign of a potential future full of more pop pleasures from this exciting new artist. We surely can’t wait for it.

Here’s the wonderful reduced version of Vibrant which GRETA recorded for us.


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