Everyone is in a bad mood sometimes, but those rarely sound as musical as Sara Wolff’s. The Norwegian singer moved to Liverpool from where she just released Bad Thoughts Compilation. And do not let the title of the song put you off, the single will not spark negativity but work as a remedy, processing personal yet universal emotions that catch up with us every once in a while.

Sara Wolff lays her deepest doubts and feelings bare, sharing them over the silky synth lines and the steady beat that form the base of the song. The ethereal synths fade into her tender vocal timber with seamless ease creating a cohesive soundscape for the observational lyrics. Coming from Liverpool with tinges of Norwegian cool, Sara Wolff composes elaborate songs between alt-folk and bedroom synth pop.

Bad Thoughts Compilation is a collection of all your feelings on a particularly bad day and reflects on why the solution is there but so difficult to reach. Those times you can’t get out of bed, you’re in a rut, sleep too long, don’t eat properly, scroll on your phone too much, worry your friends won’t like you anymore, then stay in even longer. It’s a never-ending circle.”

Her debut EP When You Left The Room is also out next month, so make sure to have this one on your radar as well.

Don’t miss this sweet acoustic version Sara Wolff recorded for our Instagram.


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