When I first heard the title of the latest I See Rivers single Collide, several images shot through my mind immediately. Waves crashing on massive rocks along the coastline, an intense fight between a couple, or the collision of flavors when you top a spicy Indian curry with just the right amount of yoghurt dip – yes, quite random I know. Yet, somehow I See Rivers have contained the feeling all these moments leave lingering in your heart in their single. And they take it further by letting their delicate vocal harmonies collide with a cappella-like rhythmic sections of three voices seemingly coming from all around you. They unite, separate, and collide throughout the single.

With this single, the Norwegian three-piece take a step further from their initial floaty folk-tinged compositions and invade a more electrically orientated territory. The exquisite almost sister-like harmonies are enhanced by the subtle beat adding to the intensity of the song. Like fresh sparking water in a cool mountain spring, the vocals blister over the tender synth-lines combining the rawness of organic sounds with the contemporary ring the sweeping synth bears. The video to the single, could not be a better match and conjures their own artistic vision of a collision. The fragility of a flower is contrasted with the torn down walls of a building in ruins, the dancers shift between intense fight-like moves and tender swaying. The themes of ‘Collide’ are of conflict and reconciliation, turbulence and transparency,’ I See Rivers say about the song.

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