Everything All the Time Forever, is a strong album title. It stands for our never-ending ache for eternity and for infinity, for the overstimulation we are confronted with in our modern world and for a personal vision. ‘Our emotional, social and psychological capability is a limited resource’ recognizes producer and musician Jan Kerscher. Hiding behind the name Like Lovers he delivers an energetic and dark debut record after it had been brewing in private for many years. The album is a gloomy dystopian depiction of what the artist expects the future to be like. Moving through a valley of unique instrumentation and different topics, the album is hell of a ride – scary, touching, and thought provoking but in the end optimistic.

Health is a rather sinister single off the record. With electronic elements and angrily shouted lyrics Kerscher sings of an aching sickness. The noisy and furious chorus ‘It is the sickness inside of me’, displays the frustration about a love affair gone wrong. With what almost sounds like heavy metal guitars, Kerscher creates an erratic and powerful backbone for his vocals – at times laconically crooned at others emotively shouted like a volcano exploding out of the very depth of the singer. Even though the track is dark and gloomy, it ends on a positive note. Like a flicker of a candle, Kerscher gently advises to ‘take good care of your health’. Not everything seems to be lost just yet, and if we listen to Like Lovers we might be able to sustain the spark a little longer to light us the way out of the doomed vision of the future.

The video to the single came to be out of a spontaneous collaboration between the musician and filmmaker Florian Strandl. They could not settle on a concept and finally decided to make the video a strange and slightly comic affair. In that manner, the singer floats around the frame reclining in the middle of the street, on a rock or by the beach while singing and playing the guitar. The twists and turns of the angle require a little extra attention to know what is going on here – if anybody can ever really know, that might just be the beauty of it.

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