Berlin-based artist Robin aka Goblin Prince has been one of the most mysterious yet fascinating figures of the city’s restless creative scene in the recent months. Following their debut single Choirboys almost one year ago they recently returned with another new single called Shadow Dancer which once again leaves you wondering what sort of sound you are actually experiencing here. Their queer Baroque Pop feels a bit like Kate Bush, Patrick Wolf and The Knife teamed up for a cinematic pop adventure that manages to sound quite unique which is something you don’t witness that often anymore these days, right? The imagery Robin creates underlines the song’s supernatural character, showing a clear artistic vision. The music video is inspired by folk horror films like The Wicker Man, in which deranged rural communities sacrifice their own in the name of tradition.

“It’s odd to me how it’s such a playful song because it came to me at a time when I felt quite depressed,” Goblin Prince explains the origins of this new single. “I still had no friends in Berlin and was desperate to finish music, but I isolated myself and felt delusional. I believe it came as an aid, a talisman I could keep to reassure myself that things would get better and one day I’d feel free and confident again. I also really like the idea of people singing along to a cheerful melody while unknowingly singing pretty dark lyrics.” So, if you can relate to this you are happily invited to enjoy this song and it’s accompanying music video that juxtaposes lush, pastoral scenery with the terror of a harvest cult victim.

“The director Pepa Kistner and I wanted to convey the feeling of isolation and mistrust you sometimes feel growing up as the black sheep in your community. As a queer kid I learned to pick up people’s feelings so I could adapt to what they wanted from me, but since acceptance felt like a life or death situation I felt a constant fear of being found out and betrayed by the people around me. I’ve only started to overcome that fear this year, which of course for me that’s manifested as a Children of the Corn meets Brokeback Mountain fantasy. It’s also the 2nd video I release this year in which I get tied up and murdered so now I get to talk about music videos a lot in therapy”

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