By now you are hopefully aware of electro-pop princess Novaa and her tempting pop tunes, right? The young German artist is just about to drop her self-titled debut album later this month. On April 26 lovers of modern dreampop will finally have a full package of new music  – but today the chanteuse is giving us already another taste of her exquisit tunes as we debut her brand new single White Silk & Black Gold. The power-track was the first song Novaa wrote for her record after some personal emotional struggles:

‘A few months before the song came into being I performed a thing called falling in love – performing, because it was about attention and drama and giving each other the love that we both didn’t hold ourselves. When the whole thing was over and I was dumped not so very gently I wrote.’

Still, the singer does serve no breakup song or  grieving ballad. Instead, White Silk & Black Gold is a proclamation reminding us all of how important love is in our life. Especially love for ourselves. ‘It was my soundtrack of falling out of love with someone that treated me like a trophy and in love with my trophy self’, the singer explains. ‘I hope it helps others to be their very own trophy self too.

With the song Novaa prepares her listeners for this year’s spring season: its orchestral elements and mid-tempo melodies are a musical expression of waking up from cold winter days and being ready to finally bloom again. So let’s spread love and kindness to the world and ourselves! And don’t forget to check out this great guest article she wrote for us a while back.