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Kai Hermann

Always in need for a new banger. Hopes for more fairness in the world. Passionate about the seriousness of pop music. Admires black and gold. Bullshit-talker 24/7. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Latest articles by Kai

Copyright: Madonna

Behind Madonna’s Newest Reinvention: Who Is Madame X?

Moderate singles and a failed comeback on international television: the long-hoped end of Madonna was conjured unapologetically on all media platforms. It is a tough time to defend her, but with her newest record she reminds us that it is not easy to diminish her. As an female artist who evolves pop culture for more than three decades now, detractors should choose more wisely who they try to shut down.
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Unwrapping Everything From Identity Politics To Performing Drag: Our Top 5 Picks For DICE Conference 2018

From November the 1st on the historic Rixdorf quarte in Berlin Neukölln will turn into a space for lectures, panels, workshop and performances to support female, trans and non-binary artistry around the globe! We are looking very forward for three days filled with a well curated programme – and as it is always hard to choose between single offers, here are our Top 5 must-see events!
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A WHOLE-y Experience: How An All-Queer Festival Opened My Eyes To Our Destructed Culture

They say better late than never – so when summer calls its last afternoon sunshine to hide and lets autumn take over, we all know: from now on, it is time to hit the closed venues for concerts, parties and thrills. And while I enjoy the last rays of light on my body, a particular weekend in end of August still takes me back sometimes to when the base could be felt all night long – next to cranes and a beautiful lake. The WHOLE United Queer Festival is stuck in a part of my mind and the memories of the event are warm, yet puzzled. Mainly because it showed once more how stiff today’s society is.
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