#1 Communities/Intersections: Transphobia, Racism ans Sexism in Music

The talk puts its focus on the conversation around being artists working within the music industry as djs, artists and music-makers who are part of the Berlin scene and abroad. The topics will traverse and navigate issues specific to the trans, poc, female/GNC community, and will be took in relation of being underrepresented, experiencing tokenization, and sexism.

Guests of the panel will be Xeno Genesis, Alyha Love, Star Amerasu and Akua Grant

When and where? Thursday, Nov 1, 5-6pm, Böhmischer Kirchensaal Rixdorf

#2 Opening Artist Talk: Spotlight on Pêdra Costa

Photo by Alessandra Nohvais

Pêdra Costa is a Brazilian performance artist and anthropologist. Based in Berlin, Costa is working with queer artists worldwide. Hers works includes aesthetics of post-porn and an investigation about anti-colonial concepts. For DICE, Costa will present her work to the audience and explaining the ideas behind it.

When and where? Thursday, Nov 1, 7-8pm, Böhmischer Kirchensaal Rixdorf

#3 Should we get rid of identity politics?

Big questions will be asked in this talk: Should we get rid of identity politics? Should we move beyond the very categories that are the basis for social hierarchies and inequalities? Or shall we continue to think, talk and frame oppression, inequality, (in)visiblity and domination along these lines? Identities are not only complex, flexible or multiple, but also a societal, historical and political mirror of who we really are. Can we move on and see them as a remnant from the past or do we still need them to achieve our political goals?

The talk will be held by Dr. Emilia Roig of the Centre for Intersectional Justice

When and where? Friday, Nov 2, 3- 4pm, Böhmischer Kirchensaal Rixdorf

#4 Introduction to modular synth with Schneidersladen

What actually is an oscillator? What is a VCA and what are the function generators? How do the individual components relate to each other? All those questions will be answered and the audience can get literally in touch with the machines that Schneidersladen, a Berlin based shop for electronic music, will bring over. Participants of the workshop will be brought closer to various types of synthesis, like subtractive, granular or frequency modulation and many more tools.

The workshop will be held by Jessica and Jackie from Schneidersladen

When and where? Saturday, Nov 3, 11am – 1pm, Böhmischer Kirchensaal Rixdorf

#5 ‘Drag is for everyone’ workshop

This one is destined to be fancy af! In this inclusive workshop participants will get exclusive access to how drag kings/queens build their personas through makeup, costume and movement. Side to side with a supportive of group seasoned drag stars and newbies, everyone will be able to develop and build their own mystique/gorgeous/fantastic drag identity. No worries: no experience is necessary and the rule above rules: everyone is welcome to join!

The workshop will be led by Goddx and Masha

When and where? Saturday, Nov 3, 1-2pm, Schmiede am Richardplatz

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