It’s that moody time of the year again, girls and boys – the days are getting shorter so we updated the beloved Melancholic Moments Playlist on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION. The emotionally loaded selection has been a great ally for us during the harsh Covid-winter of 2020/21. And although this season might be a bit less bitter due to the fact that we got vaccines and therefor more options for social meetings, it’s still a tough and challenging time. However, an overall uncertainty and the often overwhelming existential chaos surely can make you feel a bit scary every now and then and whenever you tend to lose hope it’s music that can give you power and strength to carry on, even if it’s just as an outlet for that emotional rollecoaster we’re facing. It’s in those moments that introverted music can have a relieving and healing effect, something to cope with these mixed emotions. It’s an exit strategy to get all that negative energy out of your system. And for those moments we got our melancholic playlist.

Once again we’re more than thrilled to present you a variety of artists we cherish a lot and especially those whose music comforted us over the past months, whether it’s beloved newcomers or longtime favourites in here. So, yeah, we got new material by Billie Eilish, Radiohead, Jon Hopkins, Damien Jurado, Marissa Nadler and London Grammar for you – all musicians that you should be familiar with. But there’s also longtime favourites of us like Skullcrusher, Novaa, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, CATT, Anna B Savage and Nathan Ball which we grew very fond of over the past years. And there’s brand new talent like Chloe Foy, Maja Lena, Anna Leone or Ailsa Tully which we only came to know over the past year via our Ahead section. All in all, our melancholic playlist is a very personal, hand-picked selection of songs that invite you to let go off the stress, fall into that special feeling and leave the rest of the world outside in the cold where it belongs. May these 100 tracks comfort you in troubled and confusing times, warm your heart and soul and give you the much needed strength to carry on. Thanks a lot!