With her warm and soothening baritone English songwriter Kathleen Frances got just that sort of voice that comforts and guides you when the whole world around you slips into chaos. And Grown is a song that perfectly captures the musical essence of this new talent who just announced her debut EP Through The Blue for a release on February the 10th. It caresses the listener’s ears, it sinks deep beneath the skin and it really is something different.

About the track’s Frances says: “This is such a nostalgic song for me. I wrote this and then came back to it six months later. That’s when the pre-chorus hook finally came to me. That part just takes me to one of those (too infrequent) moments where you have the least cares in the world, no worries, no responsibilities. Basically being an adult sucks and we should try and escape it whenever and wherever possible.

So yeah, I think all grown-ups can relate to this at least a bit, right? Check out the magnificent piano vibes of Grown and make sure to keep Kathleen Frances on your musical radar for 2022. We surely will.

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