Are you sitting inside looking out while summer is slowly rolling in and the sun is shining on the bright green leaves of the trees outside? Yeah, we are all in the same kind of situation. Luckily the Vancouver-based artist Noble Oak just released a track of silky new electro pop to make looking at the sunny outside a little bitter sweeter. Derailed is another single teasing the singer’s forthcoming new record Horizon, due June 19th.

With shimmering synths, playful keys, and an underlying groove of the steady bassline, the single’s sunny vibe is soothing. Accompanied by a video of Noble Oak and two other musicians playing the track in an atelier setting, the colorful lights of it play into the scheme of the bright laidback indie pop sounds. The arrangements are intricate in their simplicity and provide the perfect bed for the artist’s airy vocals. Listening to Derailed is almost as good as feeling the cool summer breeze on your Vitamin D starved skin.

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