It’s rare that you get as excited about a new band as we do when it comes to Liverpool-based duo King Hannah. Their debut single Crème Brûlée was a pretty impressive first exclamation mark and the freshly released follow-up Meal Deal is also very far from being disappointing. Once again, Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle take their time and give the entire song almost eight minutes to unfold its haunting and bluesy dark magic. In the age when it appears as if most of today’s music is composed for streaming services and declining attention spans, King Hannah challenge the audience with impressive build-ups, raw intensity and a slower and therefore more intoxicating musical understanding. They feel a bit like they’re channelling bands like Mazzy Star or Slowdive. Partly grunge, partly ugly yet very beautiful in its mellow core – this is a pure musical experience, one we are really craving for these days.

The mighty Meal Deal is another teaser from the duo’s debut EP Tell Me Your Mind And I’ll Tell You Mine which arrives on November 20 via City Slang. And yes, you’ll find more gloomy musical vibes like the two already released ones on it. King Hannah want the audience to get lost in their music and we don’t know about you but they are doing a great job in achieving this. “There’s nothing pretend about us,” they explain. “We don’t want to sound clean or polished,” so Craig, “we want to sound real, and dynamic and authentic.” Needless to say, the world really needs a band like this right now.

And while we still got you here don’t miss haunting acoustic version of Meal Deal which King Hannah recorded for our Instagram.

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