The heavy velvet curtain swings open and we enter a smoky, candle lit tent. In the middle of the incense smoke, three people are sitting in a circle. They do not look up as we enter that’s how concentrated they are playing their instruments. That is about what Kush K’s single Her sounds like. With experimental instrumentation and something between psychedelic rock and folk the Swiss four-piece lure us into their very own world. The track is part of the band’s debut LP, which was written in ritualized late-night sessions and mirrors the sound of the loose and spontaneous, yet refined, jam sessions. Her is the most hypnotic of the tracks over with its almost seven-minute-length Catia, Pascal, Paul create a meditative and trippy air.

The loose and minimalistic instrumentation highlights the echoing lead vocals. Gooey guitar notes bend over growing psychedelic percussion building tension towards the end of the track. The trance-like rhythms conjure cinematic images of shamanic jam sessions and the instrumental cacophony dives further into the theme. In the same manner, the title of the album, Lotophagi, is a nod at the community of lotus-eaters Ulysses encounters on his journeys. The band take the mythical vibe of the narcotically dazed community as a leading line for the psychedelic-style of Her but also for the very engaging rest of the record. A very promising first release that leaves a lingering taste – who needs lotus when music can work magic?!

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