‘I think I’ve kissed too many of my friends to make a sober decision’, Liza Anne croons over grungy guitar riffs. The Nashville-based talent released Desire as part of a tree-track EP called Bad Vacation. Embracing a looser concept of sounds, the artist incorporates fuzzy guitar riffs into the catchy track. ‘Desire feels like too much tequila, and I have had plenty’, she evaluates her current situation trying to resist the draw of bad habits. Her soaring vocals make the catchy indie pop chorus absolutely irresistible.

Moving in the tradition of other Nashville artists dabbling in alternative and indie pop, she alternates between heavier instrumented parts and mellow striped back interludes. Similarly, the other two tracks on the EP, Bad Vacation and Devotion meet on upbeat, punchy terrain, resonating guitar strums, a present beat, and a well-woven chorus that is almost as intoxicating as the tequila the singer is trying to resist. Her witty lyrics portray certain emotional situations with a keep observational and imaginative eye; ‘You were like sand in my ice cream’, yes, we feel you Liza Anne.

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