The bright colors of the rainbow shine on Lucky Lo’s latest release. Ever! is the queer anthem that encompasses the spirit of pride. Its life-affirming message in the face of the homophobia that is still an everlasting threat, makes you want to dance along and wave your flag. The infectious power of the Swedish singer’s positivity is reflected by the bright and playful instrumentation of the song.

Rooted in the 80s – the music matches the inspiration for the single. Lucky Lo, or Lo Ersare, recounts her research about the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s and the backlash of increased homophobia that the LGBTQIA+ community had to face. Likewise, the musical style finds inspiration in the decade. Drawing from disco and new wave pop, Ever! brings elements from the 80s club hits to the 21st century. In times when 69 countries still criminalize homosexuality Lucky Lo’s message has not lost its urgency. But instead of wrapping it in a dramatic song about the pains, she seeks power and empowers through love.

Ever! is an anthem for queer love.. that is, until queer love becomes accepted. Then Ever! Will be an anthem for love.”

If you are hooked up with Lucky Lo now make sure to mark March 25 in your calenders because that’s when her debut album Supercarry is set to drop on Tambourhinoceros.

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