Ever took a closer look at catkins? You know, these fluffy little buds that usually grow on weeping willows? It’s one of many different little beauties of Mother Nature we tend to overlook in the everyday rat race of our life. But luckily, Scottish songwriter Kim Grant aka Raveloe is here to remind us about them and why it’s important to appreciate things like this more often. growing up in the industrial town of Motherwell there was far too little nature in the childhood of Grant which made every little flower growing from a crack in the road look like a miracle. And that’s what Catkins, her new single is about. There is a subtle noisy intensity that runs through the song and gives it an edgy note but on top of it the newcomer delivers a truly wonderful and captivating vocal performance that adds an undeniable beauty to it.

“When I spotted the catkins, I thought of their temporality and how their presence marked a change and the birth of spring, which led me into thinking of the nature of time in general.”

Raveloe confirms that the song itself is also about the nature of time and change while also being connected with moving through and beyond trauma and pain. “By showing yourself compassion, learning to be honest with yourself and others and processing it layer by layer,” as she explains. Catkins is a stunning first teaser from a musician we should keep on our radars in 2022.

You should also not miss the exclusive session of Catkins Raveloe recorded for us.

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