Have you ever dug your fingers so deep into a fluffy carpet it almost felt like it should have turned into sand, like it should have swallowed you whole? The latest release by German quartet Mount Winslow speaks to exactly that feeling using the soft Flokati carpets as a port to escaping reality. ‘This is a time for escapists’, lead singer and pianist Piet Julius croons over reverb-laden guitars. The motif of escaping reality draws itself through Flokati. Between calm melodies and dynamic swellings of instrumentation, Mount Winslow sing of running away from yourself.

Chatting, the Instagram of your exes new date, Netflix, Facebook; the opportunities to keep yourself busy are endless. The opportunities to learn and to do things are endless. Yet, with this overwhelming offering of things it is easy to lose touch with your essence. ‘So many hopes to bury yourself in’, the song poetically captures this weird ambiguity between the lightness of hope and the heavy burden of never living up to any. The mellow and blurry vibe adds to the feeling of being stuck in some kind of hazy internal labyrinth. And while we watch the main character of the video helplessly lost in the retina puncturing, ever spinning lights of a roller coaster, we feel almost as overwhelmed as her. Rarely have a video and a song matched this well. Without taking the spotlight from another, they both pull the same rope and perfect the message of Mount Winslow’s Flokati. The only bad news is that no matter how soft the carpet is, underneath it lays the painfully hard floor of reality we will eventually have to face.

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