How to write a break-up song that breaks with all those break-up song stereotypes? Welsh singer/songwriter Ailsa Tully chose that ruminating on anger, bitterness or a new-found ‘lone wolf’ solitude wasn’t her path. Instead the dreamy and charming songs of her freshly released Holy Isle EP find the artist looking in the rear-view with empathy and an open-heartedness. In an almost zen-like calmness she wishes the best for a once-formative lover while also reflecting on her own behaviour in that time. The result are four truly wonderful and charming songs that lift the spirit of the listener while also not giving that melancholic notion too much space in the whole construct.

Musically, the EP is a subtle affair and that’s pretty much the best possible path it could have picked. Ailsa Tully isn’t looking for the next big indie-pop hook, instead she unfolds a bewitching calmness on the EP and Sheets, the track we’re highlighting today is a fine example here. It’s a slow burning indie-rock beauty that arrives just in time before summer fully turns into fall. Make sure to check it out. We’re also invited Ailsa to perform an exclusive session for our Instagram which you can enjoy below the studio version.

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