The London-based band National Service is inviting us to go on a walk through the city just before nightfall. This feeling of euphoric nostalgia evoked when the last light of the day kisses the city goodbye inspired their latest single Concrete. Guided through the concrete jungle by clear instrumentation, the trip peaks in a crescendo of electric guitar riffs and aching vocals. Four members, instruments, and some amps are all it takes for this band to create their thrilling sound. Untouched by synthesizer influences, the guitar can take center stage on the single. Driven by a heavy drumbeat, the delicate nuances of the short crispy guitar riffs add a special touch. Yet, it is the voice that takes the win home on the single. Shaking with emotion and soaring as powerful as a whole orchestra, at the same time Fintan Campbell is certainly a master of his instrument.

If you’ve been following NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION you should be aware of the band’s past tunes that already got them a spot in our list for 9 new artists to watch in 2019. Luckily we now have them back with new music and if you happen to be a fan of their name-givers The National and other indie masters like American Football and Frightened Rabbit you should embrace these gentlemen. With their timeless compositions and smooth arrangements, the band is honoring the indie scene’s past idols. And luckily, after falling in love with the latest single Concrete, we are happy to announce that more will follow soon. The moody track precedes the band’s sophomore EP Meltwater, which is due in October!

Every Monday we’re updating the 50-track-strong Listen AHEAD Playlist on Spotify, adding ten strong songs by sill relatively unknown artists at the beginning. This week’s addition also sees new songs by Girl In Red, Pizzagirl, Aaron Smith, The Golden Dregs and a few more. Follow the playlist right here on Spotify and give them a spin.