What am I gonna do on a Sunday? Olivia Dean asks on the opener of her sophomore EP with the same title. The young Londoner first popped up in 2018 and quickly amassed listens on Spotify. On the EP she speaks of the universal struggles of young lovers going through the several stages of a breakup. What Am I Gonna Do on Sundays? is the initial pain of losing a lover translated into a sad and longing ballad full of disappointment and loneliness.

You can keep the rain
But let me have the Sundays
That’s something I can’t bear lose
No need to pretend
All we had was Sundays
We had our share of Mondays too

Between mellow RnB and catchy indie pop, the artist continues to tell the story from the upbeat and hopeful The Hardest Part to the confused and indecisive Out and finally the angry Echo. Each song observes the various stages of a breakup with such poetic lyricism and honesty that it will resonate with everyone who has ever been through one. So, what do you do on Sundays that you used to spend in bed with a loved one? Maybe listen to Olivia Dean’s EP and dwell in somehow painfully beautiful nostalgia.

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