When songwriter Helen Ballentine, also known as Skullcrusher, surfaced earlier this year with her debut EP, it not only marked the arrival of something very unique, but put forth a spirit of sincere sentiment, rooted in gloomy, dark and wistful sonic surroundings. Her new single Farm is yet another monument of the artist’s touching and sophisticated craft. Airy piano waves and subtle  acoustic folk vibes lay the ground for Ballentine’s enthralling voice, gently spreading through a vast space of comforting ease and awakened nostalgia. She carefully walks on a thin line on this one, leading us into a captivating desire to breathe new life into long forgotten memories and feelings.

“‘Farm’ was created out of the time I spent reflecting on my childhood and family. The process of developing it to its current version ended up being really tied to these reflections. I had the ability to really talk through the memories and emotions of the song and how they could be manifested sonically“, Ballentine reflects on the origins of Farm. Indeed, the way her reminiscences flow about has something spellbinding to it and we hope that you embrace the beauty of the piece as much as we do.

When it all comes undone
Can you make it home?
Where are you now?
Lost with our old house
Off with someone else

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