The sound of British trio Quest Ensemble remains kind of hard to define, it’s a captivating affair, tenderly balancing between multiple musical words, ranging from contemporary minimalistic classic sound, to jazz-infected twists and chamber sounds. It’s mesmerizing, to say the least, so we’re happy to present you the marvellous Quest Ensemble on top of a new update of our beloved Dark Night Playlist on Spotify. The calming and hypnotizing The Other Side is the title-track of their new album, the first one since 2014. It’s an adventurous time-stopping piece of music that takes the listener quite deep down into this musical rabbit hole.

Quest Ensemble have beeen around or over a decade. They regularly worked with schools, colleges, youth and community groups across the UK, leading creative music projects with musicians of all ages and backgrounds, transferring their collaborative composition methods to community settings, enabling others to experience their way of working. And the sound of Filipe Sousa (piano), Tara Franks (cello) and Preetha Narayanan (violin) really shows the full potential of three crafted composers working together and create something new. It’s the perfect nightly song for lonesome walks home and that’s why we thought it would fit quite well into our selection.

A top of this lovely piece from Quest Ensemble we took the moment to also add new and old favourites to our gloomy selection, providing you once again with a fitting soundtrack for the hours between dusk and dawn. New picks for the Dark Night playlist include haunting electronica by Floating Points, Jon Hopkins, TOM And His Computer or Chromatics as well as gentle songs by Skullcrusher, Rhye, William Fitzsimmons or HOPE, along with picks from previous curators of our playlist. We surely hope it’ll comfort you in these lonely hours.