Oh sweet, sweet darkness; you can be both – frightening and fascinating. And that’s probably one reason we’re so attracted to you. For all those lonesome walks home after dusk, all those nightly train rides and basically everything that appears to be connected to the darkness we got one sinister Spotify playlist to guide you through those hours before the new day. It’s fittingly titled Dark Night and now we finally found the time to rearrange it, add new music to it and give you the ultimative musical soundtrack for those nightly moments. 100 tacks, over seven hours – well that’s almost enough to cover one entire night, isn’t it?

It’s a genre-clashing mixture of minimalistic electronica, ambient, neo-classic, gentle folk, new wave, post-punk, film socres and other trippy deliacies that might surprise you. We’re happy to have great new music by Julien Baker, Jon Hopkins, Soccer Mommy, Thom Yorke and Cigarettes After Sex in here as well as hidden treasures by up and coming new artists like Nelson Can, Tuvaband, Morse, Wy and others in here.

This mixtape is partly meant to send shivers down your spine but also comfort you during those nightly hours and fill your heart with melancholic joy (yes, that’s a thing). So, if you haven’t clicked on the ‘Follow’ button yet it’s about time to do so and let this dark night playlist carry you through the next hours. Let us know what you think and have a joyful listening experience. Good night, everybody!