What’s left of ‘indie’ anyway? As we’re approaching a new decade this somehow trivial question becomes more important because within the music industry and our relationship towards artists a change of the paradigms is sensible. Far too often it appears as if the marketing and imagery of the music is more important than the actual song behind it. We entered the age where people started composing music specifically designed to work on Spotify. There’s no space for an extended two-minute instrumental intro in this world. Of for a song that breaks with the ‘verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus’ structure. We don’t know about you but we still refuse to live in a world where algorithms and analytics define the emotional impact a song could have. We long for raw emotional depth and power, for a certain oddness and non-conformance. And if that’s what you could call indie these days you can count us in for still fighting for this slightly outworn phrase in the year 2020.

To do that NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION is happy to join forces with a brand new cosy event series coming to Berlin and Hamburg in March. Fittingly titled We Need More Indie these live events will feature a joint venture of three established independent labels from Norway (Jansen Records), Sweden (Startracks) and Germany (Backseat). Each label will bring one artist from their roster to perform, some new, some more established. The first edition will feature iconic Swedish songwriter Kristofer Åström who isn’t slowing down anytime soon after two decades in the business. Bringing songs from a new album he’s ready to warm your hearts and minds with his gentle melodies. Torgeir Waldemar from Norway will join his Swedish on this night with his powerful retro-infected Americana rock that make him one of the North’s most exciting new artists, despite being over 40 already. Last but not least talented Dutch newcomer Jo Goes Hunting provides something more obscure and adventurous with his slightly odd synthpop adventures, showing that ‘indie’ can be way more these days.

We Need More Indie is not about simply celebrating the past and one ‘true form of music’ (because there’s no such thing), it’s about presenting a certain spirit, a special vibe that wants to connect with the audience on a purer and more emotional level than simply being another concert event. Please join us on these two nights – you won’t regret it. Full details and links can be found at the bottom of this page.

Kristofer Åström

Torgeir Waldemar

Jo Goes Hunting


March 18 – Hamburg, Häkken (Tickets)

March 19 – Berlin, Badehaus (Tickets)

Tickets: 7 Euro (plus advance booking fee)

Start: 7pm