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Musical Treats From Sweden: Pale Honey On Devotion And Candy

This band is as sweet as their name; Pale Honey is the Swedish indie rock Duo Tuva and Nelly. The two musicians have known each other since 8th grade, which was also when they first embarked on their musical journey. We met the band on their stopover in Berlin, to chat about being devoted to art and to rummage a candy store for treats.
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What Moves Vagabon? A Brief Introduction To West African Music

The name Vagabon, like the vagabond evokes a certain romantic imagery of a lone wolf traveling from place to place without a home. Well, the singer and guitarist with the name inspired by it is also quite the globe-trotter. Attributed to her by her mother, the nickname stuck and now we caught Lætitia Tamko, aka Vagabon at her Berlin show before she flew off to another place.
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Caught Backstage: Black Sea Dahu at Lido, Berlin

Touring life is a world of its own. Being on the road constantly, sleeping way to little, traveling to but not really visiting hundreds of cities. To get a grip of what being on tour means for a musician, we spoke to Black Sea Dahu during their stop over at Berlin's sold out Lido.
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From Mystical Antelopes To Saving Animals: An Introduction Into The World Of MAREY

Here is another one of Switzerland’s freshest musical exports; MAREY. The alternative pop/trip-hop duo consists of the two musicians Maryam Hammad and Aurèle Louis who have been making music together since 2016. Completely independent they released 'Save Animals Eat People', a rich album full of quiet melancholia, which starts on a positive note buts gets darker and darker towards the end.
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Leaving Meaning But Not The Music Industry: Why Michael Gira’s SWANS Are Not Dead

The two faces of swans; pretty on the outside but cruelly aggressive on the inside. Taking the ambiguity to another level is the band with the same name. What started in the 80s as one of the most notorious metal bands, grew wings and flew off to dark folk-inspired grounds. For the release of the band's 15th LP, NBHAP editor Liv Toerkell sat down with front man Michael Gira to speak about his work.
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