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One Month Of Music: A Personal February Recap by Liv Toerkell

How do you keep an overview about the countless new releases in the world of music? Well, easier said than done but thank god the staff of NBHAP keeps an overview. In this column one from the team personnally reflects on the past four weeks and the music that matters during this time. This time it's the turn of Liv Toerkell to ramble about our favourite passion in the world.
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Between Space And Time: Jan Wagner and Tobias Preisig Reflect On Their ‘SPHEREA’ Concert

The Berlin-based musicians Jan Wagner and Tobias Preisig took their classical, ambient compositions to another level. In collaboration with the Spatial Media Lab and Zeiss Planetarium, they created a three-dimensional space for music in a very special first edition of SPHEREA. Our editor Liv attended the event and talked with the artists and we're also exclusively debuting a brand new piece from Mr. Wagner.
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Join Sailing Stones For Some Soul Searching On Their New Single “The Fire Escape”

When you google the name Sailing Stones you will see a whole lot of deserts, sands and documentaries about a mystical natural phenomenon. The stones, which seem to move at first glance, can be explained by the work of physics and water melting underneath them but the name still rings in the ear like magic. Something about the slow, yet continuous movement of the rocks fascinated the musician Jenny Lindfors and she took on the name as a moniker for her musical solo work.
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