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Liv Toerkell

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A Piece of My Earth: Track by Track Through Juanita Euka’s Debut “Mabanzo”

Juanita Euka is not a Latin-American singer, she is not a Congolese singer, she is not a Londoner - she is all of those things at the same time and unapologetically herself. On her debut she explores themes of identity, cultural trauma, and pains of colonialism, while also empowering and celebrating Black female identity. Between Congo, Cuba, London, Peru, and Argentina, Juanita Euka walked us through her creative process.
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“My Personal Genesis”: K.ZIA On Different Personalities And Family Ties

Genesis is the act of creation in religious writing. Berlin-based artist K.ZIA used her recently released debut record for the creation of her own universe. Embracing Congolese and Martinique-an roots, she moves between groovy Afro-Beat and smooth RnB through the voice of two different personas on the album. NBHAP author Liv Toerkell caught up with the artist to find out more about her artistic expression.
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Diving Three Dimensions Deep And Beyond With Amber Mark

The NYC-based artist Amber Mark has been through a lot to get to the release of her debut record. "Three Dimensions Deep" is a reflection of her personal journey within. Over smoothly produced soul-RnB and pop beats, the singer finds self-confidence and explores newly found spirituality. NBHAP author Liv Toerkell caught up with the buzzing artist to find out what lies beyond the 3rd dimension of Amber Mark.
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Between Monologue and Polylog: In Dialogue With Yousef Kekhia

The Berlin-based musician Yousef Kekhia just released his sophomore record "Polylog". It follows the introspective "Monologue" but turns its gaze outwards. Influenced by conversations, encounters, and exchange the record is a fluid piece of music opening doors and asking questions. We met the artist to speak about his music and he curated a "Beyond Borders" playlist update with his personal favorites from the contemporary Arab music scene.
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Island Of Noise In The Pandemic Storm: How Synästhesie 2021 Went Covid-Safe

From the depths of German Krautrock comes the sixth edition of the Synästhesie Festival. Backed by the beloved local music hot spot – the 8MM bar, which already put artists like Gurr and Sofia Portanet on our radar – the festival unites Berlin’s favorites alongside international acts. Needless to say, organizing a large indoor festival ahead of another wave of Covid in Germany, is quite the task. Yet, after what felt like a dozen documents to scan – vaccinated and additionally tested – festival-goers were invited into the industrial chambers of the Kesselhaus once again.
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