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Regular blog posts from the world of music. Find reviews of new releases, interviews with bands and artists, recommendations of buzzing newcomers, deep dives into much loved records as well as personal columns about our favourite passion in the world.

A Full Circle Moment: Priya Ragu On Working With Family On “SANTHOSAM”

The Swiss-Tamil singer Priya Ragu brings back Raguwavy with her sophomore album “SANTHOSAM”. On it, she reconnects with family and celebrates her roots. We spoke to the singer about her musical journey, the role of spirituality, and music as resistance to societal pressure and discrimination.

In Motion: Indie Soul Artist Anna Hauss on Her Solo Debut “how long is now”

The Berlin-based singer Anna Hauss released her first solo album "how long is now". In an extended conversation with NBHAP, she talks about the struggles of being a female solo artist, the process of writing the record and her thoughts on the question that the record poses. Alongside the interview, we updated our Introducing Playlist in collaboration with Anna Hauss.

Never Seen Before: Commissioned Works At Pop-Kultur And the Freedom to Take Risks

Every year, the Berliner Pop-Kultur Festival funds fifteen projects by artists from all genres and backgrounds. These pieces are conceptualized and premiered exclusively at the festival but resonate beyond. We spoke to creative producer Pamela Schlewinski, and the artists Anika and Portrait XO about the experience and opportunities this program creates.

“If You Build It, They Will Come”: An Encounter With Berlin’s ‘Space Sessions’ Host James Michael Rodgers

One of the most distinguished singer-songwriter sessions in Berlin, Kreuzberg’s ‘Space Sessions' is a noteworthy institution when it comes to making new voices of the city heard. NBHAP editor Andreas met up with founder James Michael Rodgers to discuss the beginnings of the format, the art of curation and its surrounding politics – also introducing the perspective of two notable newcomers of the scene, Thala and Mone.

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