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Regular blog posts from the world of music. Find reviews of new releases, interviews with bands and artists, recommendations of buzzing newcomers, deep dives into much loved records as well as personal columns about our favourite passion in the world.

Chelsea Carmichel is leaning on a wall pictured from the waist up. The photo is black ad white and she is looking directly into the camera wearing a dark coat with a bag slung across her shoulder.

“About Acknowledging The Roots”: Catching Up With Chelsea Carmichael

One of Britain’s rising jazz musicians, the acclaimed London act delivered one of the most brimming shows at this year’s XJAZZ! edition in Berlin. We caught up for a quick chat with the artist after the show to talk about the British scene and what it means to honour the legacy of jazz music.

“Cherish The Natural World”: How Erland Cooper Turns Environment Into Sound

On his recent record “Folded Landscapes”, Scottish composer Erland Cooper moves through time, climate change and human existence by means of vast, orchestral landscapes, created under extreme circumstances. We took the chance to chat up the musician to discuss his aesthetic principles and the conditions that governed the musical creations.
Portrait shot of Neev. She looks into the camera. Her blond her flows over her shoulders. She is standing in nature. in the background are trees.

The Forces Of Identity: Neev On The Theatrical Bones Of “Katherine”

Blending a quest for belonging and a theatrical play with identity and multiple personas, the first full-length of London-based indie folk artist is one of the most promising folk debuts this year. In light of a fresh update of our continuing folk series, NBHAP editor Andreas took the time to chat up the artist for an in-depth discussion of the record.

Where Rap and Jazz Meet: XJAZZ! Headliner Nadia Rose in Conversation

The Berliner festival, XJAZZ!, is known for bending definitions of jazz. Considering it a word of freedom rather than a narrow genre description, its line-up features international artists with different takes on jazz. We spoke to headliner and South Londoner Rapper Nadia Rose about her music and its connection to the genre.

Who Wants To Be Famous? Indie Legends Stars On Their Legacy, Crowdfunding And How To Keep Going Strong

The Canadian pop veterans have endured the drastic transformations of the music industry for the past two decades and it is a little miracle they are still here, delivering one decent album after the other, most lately last year’s "From Capelton Hill". NBHAP authors Norman Fleischer and Andreas Peters share a mutual love of the group from the beginning of their career and sat down with Amy Millan on their recent Berlin tour stop to talk about about their life’s work.

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