1000 Gram - Anti Hyzer - Video

Summer is in its full and sweaty bloom and just the thought of athletic activity lets us shiver. But throwing a frisbee might be one of the most relaxing choices in the course of that climate conditions. And German/Swedish independent rock outfit 1000 GRAM joins us in the form of their new music video Anti Hyzer. The group around Moritz Lieberkühn made a frisbee the key element of their latest clip as it follows its impressive flight path through the city. Well, and, of course, a love story is also involved.

If you happen to love the old-fashioned idea of independent rock in the style of PAVEMENT or PIXIES you should definitely give last year’s 1000 GRAM record Dances (out via Fixe Records/ Broken Silence) a spin. And for now please enjoy the exclusive world premiere of Anti Hyzer on NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION.

1000 GRAM