La Lusid – ‘Gran Canaria’

Photo by Albin Händig

The first Daily Tune of the past month has also been the most persistent one for me. Gran Canaria by La Lusid has been stuck in my head ever since then and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. The Swedish indie-rock outfit and their tender single spread a feeling of warmth melancholia. It’s actually quite a huge anthem that feels like it belongs in the world’s biggest arenas… well, only that it somehow also works on a way more intimate level. Paulina Palmgren’s vocals are more vulnerable and tender than the rich musical enviroinment might imply. Gran Canaria somehow feels like an instant classic and it’s a very convincing argument to give La Lusid‘s self-titled debut album a spin right now. (Norman)

Tella Viv – ‘Bang Boom Crash’

Photo by Victoria Loeb

Like a disco ball falling down the stairs, Tella Viv‘s new sound is Bang Boom Crash. The Stockholm four-piece are freshly signed-up to a new label, Bolero Recordings, and have launched their new era with new single Bang Boom Crash. It uses the band’s usual flair for jagged, rapid-fire guitar riffs, re-purposed to make a breezy, snappy, surfing rock song that sounds like the band having fun at full-speed.

Lyrically, vocalist Carl Hjelm Sandqvist plays around with the waves of triumph and disaster the culture world loves to set its disposable protagonists sailing on: ‘Bang boom crash! It’s a sound that you better get used to’. He says: The song portrays the culture world’s constant thirst for scapegoats and anti-heroes. ‘It’s an attempt to capture success and downfall at the same time’. It’s out now, and watch out for more from the band later this year. (Austin)

Jealous Of The Birds – ‘Marrow’

Photo by Vivian Wang

Naomi Hamilton’s previous EP’s under her moniker Jealous Of The Birds already created a little buzz but somehow managed to fly under our radar. Listening to her brand new single Marrow I really have to wonder how that happened. It’s a powerful indie/folk anthem that takes its listener to the highest heights. That’s partly also because of its existential nature as Hamilton states that the song is her attempt to articulate what it’s like to be a human being navigating one’s inner and outer worlds. She explains the song’s notion: ‘After I graduated university a year ago, I became much more resolute about chasing a life in music, art and travelling. To me, ‘Marrow’ captures that sense of striving for authenticity in all its colours and forms.’ An entire new Jealous Of The Birds EP called Wisdom Teeth arrives on February 1st, 2019. (Norman)

Helena Deland – ‘Claudion’

Photo by Chris Almeida

Helena Deland‘s Altogether Unaccompanied series of releases has seen her take steps in multiple stylistic directions, from the slow-burning weight of Take It All and Lean On You to the moonlit country-pop of There Are A Thousand. Instalments III and IV landed last Friday, so it’s a good time to revisit Claudion, the lead single from IV. And it showcases yet another side of what she’s capable of.

Deland’s majestically layered, hushed-tone narrative plays out over soft-touch electronica, new musical clothes for her striking, captivating songwriting. What makes her work stand out is the way she weaves songs like tapestries, with multiple different elements woven together to make a perfect whole, in complete union in the song’s hypnotic world. Altogether Unaccompanied I-IV is out now. (Austin)

Benz – ‘The Smile’

Photo by Ebba Ågren

The debut single by Ebba Salomonsson’s musical alter ego Benz is that sort of sound that fills your heart with both extremes of an emotional scale – melancholic reflection and uplifting determination. The music video for The Smile is also pretty heplful to understand that as it reflects on a summerly friendship that could – beyond all the nostalgic intention – could turn into something even greater in the future. The Swedish songstress delivers a really mesmerizing first piece of sentimental dream pop that makes me quite hyped for her debut EP which is set for a release in the spring of 2019. Well, just in time for making new memories during the upcoming summer, right? (Norman)

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